Google's Project Zero discloses a vulnerability in Microsoft Edge

Google goes public with Edge flaw as Microsoft misses fix deadline

Google goes public with Edge flaw as Microsoft misses fix deadline

Sadly Microsoft was not able to issue a patch in that time so Google has chose to make the details of the vulnerability public.

That's a bit like having a backup security system at home that throws a net over crooks who manage to pick your front door lock and get into your house: they're already in, which is bad, but their hands are pinned to their sides, so they can't pick anything up or open any more doors, which is good. Google's Project Zero team searches and reports on finding security flaws prevailing in the products of other companies.

This isn't the first time Google has gone public with a flaw yet to be fixed by Microsoft, as back in 2016, the firm uncovered a major bug in the Windows OS just seven days after notifying Microsoft about it.

Very simply put, ACG works by locking down the memory that Edge uses to run its own software code.

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Google, which has classified the vulnerability which as being of "Medium" severity, provided Microsoft with an additional 14-day grace period to have a fix available for its monthly Patch Tuesday release in February, but Microsoft missed this second deadline.

In November, Google discovered a problem relating to the JIT (Just In Time) compiler for Javascript in the web browser.

Allocate a writable memory region on the same address JIT server is going to write and write a soon-to-be-executable payload there.

As part of that, the Google researchers figured out, they could use compromised content to predict where the JIT process was going to be called in shared memory.

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Of course, rules are rules, so you can argue that Google is right to apply this one without fear or favour.

Anyway, let's all give Google a hand.

Despite Edge's relatively small user base, the episode is still embarrassing for Microsoft.

As explained above, this hole doesn't give crooks a direct way to take over your browser immediately.

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Unfortunately Microsoft was still unable to fix the flaw before the extended deadline, so now the details of the bug are public knowledge.

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