See Vibrant Photos of Chinese New Year Celebrations All Over the World

See Vibrant Photos of Chinese New Year Celebrations All Over the World

See Vibrant Photos of Chinese New Year Celebrations All Over the World

The start of the Lunar New Year begins on the 16th and lasts until February 18.

With the celebration extending two weeks until the Lantern Festival that marks the 15th day, brands that offer limited-edition merchandise - especially worldwide brands - have several days to not only capitalize on the sizable Chinese market but build relationships with customers on a global level.

But the Year of the Dog got an unusually quiet welcome in Beijing this year. Bye, Roosters! The previous Lunar Year belonged to the feathered friend of the farm but their time is over. But the lunar new year is celebrated throughout Asia, and although it's called different things, the Year of the Dog is happening throughout the east. This year it is the Chinese Year of the Dog as per the calendar. A red paper decorated with the Chinese character, 褔 (fú) indicates good fortune, while a dog, rendered as a traditional paper cutout, waves from the upper-left corner. Since I was myself born in 1946, I leave it to each of you research what can their negatives as I prefer to only announce our best traits this evening.

Valérie Pécresse dévoile l'organigramme de son mouvement "Libres!"
Valérie Pécresse, le 10 septembre 2017 à Argenteuil (Val-d'Oise) lors du lancement de son mouvement Libres! . Roger Karoutchi s'occupera des relations avec le Sénat, et le député Eric Pauget fera de même à l'Assemblée.

2018 is associated with the element of earth, according to China Highlights.

Together they will make almost 3 billion trips in a little over a month.

Victoria's Chinatown will come alive with the sights and sounds of Chinese New Year as they welcome the Year of the Dog.

College in Washington state locked down after reports of shots fired
The brief scare prompted the cancellation of classes and a search for a gunman at Highline College in Des Moines, Washington, that officials said came up empty.

The Chinese New Year promotion program is co-hosted by Destination B.C., Tourism Canada, Tourism Vancouver, Tourism Richmond and Tourism Victoria.

A swimming enthusiast in festive attire jumps into cold river at Beiling Park on the first day of the Lunar New Year in Shenyang, Liaoning Province of China. However, a ban on fireworks in 400 cities, including the capital, severely curtailed such traditional ear-splitting displays this year.

Les supposées tensions au PSG ne perdent pas Laurey — Strasbourg
Mais le Brésilien n'a pas toujours été serein en étant pris plusieurs fois dans son dos, sans grande conséquence finalement. En attendant, toute déconvenue est interdite afin de ne pas fragiliser une équipe encore sonnée par sa défaite en Espagne.

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