Trump budget again targets Great Lakes, regional water cleanup programs

President Trump has proposed cutting by 90 percent the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

President Trump has proposed cutting by 90 percent the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

More than $2 billion has been budgeted for the Great Lakes initiative, for more than 2,000 projects, since it began in 2010.

U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher has come out against a proposed 90 percent cut in funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI). Portman says he and other lawmakers will work to get the funding restored.

But, as is the case with so numerous president's initiatives, he is right in insisting that if taxpayers' money is spent, results must be achieved.

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Trump had proposed an even deeper cut to the program a year ago, but it survived. Members of Congress opted to fully fund the program for 2018. "Once again, we will gear up in a bipartisan manner, to save the Great Lakes funding." Sen. That's down from $167 million previous year. Debbie Stabenow, Michigan, co-chair Great Lakes Task Force (D): "I am pretty shocked after the major bipartisan effort that we had, and the push-back was so hard after they zeroed out the money previous year".

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition consists of more than 150 environmental, conservation, outdoor recreation organizations, zoos, aquariums and museums representing millions of people, whose common goal is to restore and protect the Great Lakes.

Ambs says, "The Trump Administration missed a major opportunity to help communities restore their water infrastructure". That's up $397 million from previous year.

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There is a bi-partisan push back by Great Lakes leaders against Donald Trump's newly released budget and infrastructure proposals. "In all, it makes no sense". As the Free Pressnotes, the cuts were buried in one line in a 96-page budget without explanation - a move that Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee called "draconian". While this budget proposal - like all other presidential budget proposals - is merely a blueprint, it does set the administration's priorities.

"It's clear that when it comes to the Great Lakes our priorities are at odds with the administration", Upton said. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative works to prevent invasive species, stop runoff, and cleanup pollution.

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