Malaysian Newspaper Issues "Tips" On Spotting Homosexuals

LGBT protest Malaysia

'How to spot gay people' article may lead to witch hunts

It suggested people concerned about gay people should look out for people who "adopt" others as their brothers or sisters, and said gay men's "eye's light up" when a handsome man is around. They also apparently "adore beards, mustaches and [name-brand] clothes".

The same article said lesbians can be spotted because they often hug each other or hold hands and like to belittle men.

Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia, and those found guilty of being gay can be punished with up to 20 years in prison under a colonial-era sodomy law, leading LGBTQ cmpaigners to condemn the harmful checklist. And the country's outsize heterosexual antipathy toward gay people has sparked reactions that run the gamut from hilarious to horrifying.

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In March 2017, the release of Disney's Beauty and the Beast was postponed in Malaysia, because it contained "a gay moment".

According to activists, intolerance of LGBT people has spiked in recent years in Malaysia. Do not tell them about gays.

In June, the Malaysian Health Ministry sponsored a contest that offered up to $1 000 (almost R12 000) to youths who came up with videos about "preventing" homosexuality, the BBC reported.

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The piece also picked out branded clothing as an indicator of homosexuality. Just months later, a trans woman was stabbed and shot three times in her floral shop.

Homophobic rhetoric has also become commonplace in the the country's government.

The article in Sinar Harian featured bullet points of supposedly distinctive qualities that revealed LGBT people. "Take a step back down, take a seat back on your chair, do what you do and don't do this, because there are much more important issues in this country that need to be addressed", Kumar, who boasts more than 323,000 Facebook followers and 75,000 YouTube subscribers, said in the clip.

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'If you really want to educate society then explain to them the traits of a paedophile, a molester, a murderer, a kidnapper, people who actually endanger the lives of others.

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