Google is testing its fast-loading AMP tech inside Gmail

Google is testing its fast-loading AMP tech inside Gmail

Google is testing its fast-loading AMP tech inside Gmail

Our debut AMP stories include an essential guide to Marvel's Black Panther, a tongue-in-cheek examination of Instagram's most absurd beauty trends, and an absorbing explainer on Silicon Valley's favorite gossip app.

Google is bringing AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to Gmail to make emails more interactive.

Comparisons with Instagram Stories or Snapchat Discover are unavoidable and valid - the former's top-of-screen timer bars have even been imitated by Google's new AMP format.

According to Google, starting today, users can see AMP stories on Google Search.

Black Panther à l'origine d'une bourde raciste sur le web
Il s'agit d'associer une expression à une page en postant une vague conséquente de commentaires reliant les deux sujets. Pourtant, ne manquez pas d'aller voir Black Panther , une réussite cinématographique .

AMP stories are built on the technical infrastructure of AMP to provide a fast experience on the mobile web.

Developers can request preview access to AMP for Email to get started.

Google claims the format, which it is opening up to software developers, gives "novel ways to tell immersive stories" without the "prohibitively high start-up costs, particularly for small publishers".

Google teamed up with a number of partners for this new story format including CNN, The Washington Post, Vox Media, Hearst, Mic, Conde Nast, Mashable, and Meredith.

Apple a vendu plus de montres que les fabricants Suisse réunis
Le marché des wearables n'est pas simple: pour faire court, l'Apple Watch est à date son seul vrai succès. Pourtant, on ne peut pas dire que la marque à la Pomme ait profité d'un marché de l'horlogerie en déclin.

AMP stories are available for everyone to try on their websites. Though predominantly considered in terms of mobile views, AMP Stories are also created to work across desktop browsers too. There are already a number of big names getting involved - including Pinterest and - and more will use the open source tool.

Google claims webpages based on AMP load faster and use 10 times less data, as it doesn't allow extension to slow down page rendering. Considering the users Google's search engine sustains, it's possible AMP Stories might just take off.

It's also still unclear how Google will surface these stories in search and how publishers can ensure that they'll be included here.

Google says the new spec being announced as part of developer preview will act as a powerful interface for developers to create more "engaging, interactive, and actionable" email experiences. For Snap Inc, Google's new push into this landscape could spell trouble for the company, which has taken large strides to become a destination for publishers who want to reach a younger, mobile-first audience.

Le rappeur vanne Diam's sur Instagram — JoeyStarr
Très discrète depuis l'arrêt de sa carrière, Diam's n'a, sans surprise, pas commenté la boutade de JoeyStarr. Cette fois, c'est l'ancienne star féminine du rap Diam's qui se trouve dans le viseur du Jaguar.

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