83% Of Influenza-Like Illness In Younger Hoosiers; Deaths Reach 167 Statewide

83% Of Influenza-Like Illness In Younger Hoosiers; Deaths Reach 167 Statewide

83% Of Influenza-Like Illness In Younger Hoosiers; Deaths Reach 167 Statewide

Dr. Brian Chow, an infectious disease physician at Tuft's Medical Center, said those claims are based on studies conducted in Australia on the southern vaccine.

That's because the dominant strain is Influenza A H3N2.

Several more weeks of increased flu activity could continue before the epidemic begins to subside said the CDC's acting director.

Reports of visits to doctors' offices and emergency rooms for influenza-like illness reached 7.7% for the week, up from 7.1% the previous week and topping a previous high (for a nonpandemic year) of 7.6% in the 2003-2004 season. In all, 48 states are still reporting widespread geographic influenza activity; OR and Hawaii are reporting regional OR less widespread activity.

In Delaware, the number of flu-related hospitalizations as of February 3, 2018, is 513, more than double the 199 at this time past year. Although the majority of cases of influenza-like illness are not reported, so far there have been more than 8,100 laboratory-confirmed cases in the state this flu season. The highest single-week total previously recorded was 671 cases in 2009-2010.

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Anyone with influenza-like illness who are at high risk for influenza complications are urged to seek care promptly to determine if treatment with influenza antiviral medications is warranted. The Porter State Service Center in Wilmington is also offering vaccinations on a first-come first serve basis for those age 12 and older.

"In 2014-15, that number was 35.1 per 1,000".

Experts still recommend getting the flu vaccine to reduce the chances of hospitalization or death due to the virus.

This year's flu, H3N2, is particularly strong as the flu vaccine distributed this year was not an optimal match for the virus circulating and has created a stir of the virus across the United States, rather than in pocketed regions as normally demonstrated in flu seasons past.

"We've had upwards of a dozen in-house", said Ranta Monday.

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Doctor Jim Mullins with the Methodist Medical Group say even if you question the effectiveness of the vaccine you should still see your doctor and get a shot.

But the strain of flu that's now on the rise is changing.

Other ways people can protect themselves are frequent, thorough hand-washing; disinfecting surfaces at home and work; staying home if sick for at least 24 hours after the fever is gone to prevent spread of the virus.

The flu can spread easily so it's best to stay home until you're symptom free. Norman Edelman, senior scientific advisor for the American Lung Association, told HealthDay.

Underlying health conditions that put individuals at a higher risk of death from the flu in those with cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and those with respiratory conditions like COPD and severe asthma.

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On average, flu vaccines are about 40-60 percent effective, so out of 100 people who get the vaccine, about 40-60 people will be protected.

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