YouTube is making an example of controversial creator Logan Paul

YouTube is making an example of controversial creator Logan Paul

YouTube is making an example of controversial creator Logan Paul

On Friday, after reviewing a new video in which Paul used a Taser on two dead rats and attempted to give CPR to a living koi, then sent out a tweet promising to eat toxic Tide Pods in exchange for retweets, YouTube temporarily pulled ads from Paul's channel.

YouTube temporarily suspended ads on the channels of the controversial internet video celebrity Logan Paul, halting an income stream estimated at millions of dollars and putting a more aggressive content policy into gear.

In a video posted on February 4, Paul brags about having accumulated a vast subscriber count after having taken a short sabbatical from YouTube following the outcry over his video depicting the Japanese "suicide forest".

YouTube is making an example of controversial creator Logan Paul

YouTube has said it's chosen to do this after "careful consideration" and because of Logan's recent "pattern of behaviour".

"In the past, we felt our responses to some of these situations were slow and didn't always address our broader community's concerns", Ariel Bardin, vice president of product management at YouTube, wrote in an accompanying blog post.

Logan Paul was already under fire for a video that was insensitive to suicide victims.

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Redemption story told, Paul returned to posting daily vlogs for his fans. And he reportedly tweeted "swallowing 1 tide pod per retweet" on the same day, in reference to the risky Tide Pod challenge, in which people record themselves eating detergent packets and post the videos to social media.

There is also an additional twist that will be particularly impactful, given that the popularity of a lot of videos on YouTube rests on them being discoverable.

This move by YouTube is a temporary one, according to the company.

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Paul made numerous apologies and said he was "taking time to reflect". His channel was removed from Google Preferred, a program connecting advertisers with top-tier content producers on the site.

YouTube said his actions could "damage" the wider video-making community.

This marks the second time YouTube has taken what amounts to economic sanctions against Paul. Crucify me, vilify me, and I can promise you one thing, guys.

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YouTube has stopped all adverts on Logan Paul's vlogging channels. YouTube is now vetting the program more closely and giving advertisers full reports on where ads appear.

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