Westworld Co-Creator Runs The Rule Over Super Bowl Teaser

Westworld Co-Creator Runs The Rule Over Super Bowl Teaser

Westworld Co-Creator Runs The Rule Over Super Bowl Teaser

Season 2 of the show premieres on April 22, 2018. The world where dreams come true. The Season 2 trailer is full of gorgeous shots of open plains, horses, cowboys, and Native Americans, but in expected Westworld fashion, those lovely sights quickly begin to fall apart. She further promises that her-their-world will be reborn into a new home for the machines once all living persons, who previously thought of themselves as masters, are taken down. While Avengers: Infinity War ramped up the stakes for Marvel's superhero franchise, and Fallen Kingdom steered Jurassic World in the direction of full-blown horror, HBO's Big Game spot - the first in 20 years, no less - sparked a robotic uprising.

She then describes this world as "a world where you can be free".

Une première bande-annonce superbe pour la saison 2 — Westworld

Dolores' story - as we've learned about all our hosts by the end of the first season - their lives span decades.

A few surprising faces also popped up during the new Season 2 trailer.

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If you need to catch up on the series, fans can find all ten episodes of the critically acclaimed first season on HBO Now, HBO GO, HBO On Demand and partners' streaming platforms. One would expect that when referring to Ford, Nolan would show the same confidence the character would have in any of his actions, especially a plan as apparently elaborate as the one we see here.

The Super Bowl trailer didn't offer much more plot, but does show us a bit more of that "violent revenge" stuff, along with an intriguing hint that there may be some androids operating out in the "real" world too. Jimmi Simpson's William didn't appear in the trailer (though it has been confirmed he will return for Season 2), but the older version of his character, better known as The Man in Black (Ed Harris) appears in the new footage. That gives you about two and a half months to binge-watch all of season 1 and prepare yourself for a return trip.

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