Peacock denied as emotional support animal for flight


Emotional Support Peacock Denied Seat on United Airlines

The bird's owner reportedly claimed the peacock was an 'emotional support animal, ' which would have enabled her to fly it for free.

The peacock was denied a seat after the passenger insisted.

According to the airline Dexter didn't meet the criteria to travel for several reasons including, size and weight. The airline also noted that it explained that to the customer on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport.

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Ventiko named it Dexter and even set up an Instagram account documenting her pet's daily life.

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Writing about her relationship with the bird, she wrote: "What can I say?"

Ventiko, a Brooklyn-based artist, said the peacock's name is Dexter, according to the BBC.

As the woman was stowing her belongings, it's reported the pig defecated on the floor of the plane and then began to howl.

One American airline, Delta, has recently tightened their policy on emotional support animals. Untrained animals had in some cases roamed in the cabin and there had been an 84% increase in animal-related incidents including biting and defecating.

The only service and emotional support animals to trickle through the Inland Northwest's foremost airport have been dogs and the occasional house cat.

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After it was shared online, many people raised interesting questions about maintaining a balance between animal care and safety of the flyers on Twitter.

United Airlines said the unusual support animal violated their policy.

The Transportation Department, aided by an advisory committee of airline and passenger advocates, has been considering tightening the definitions of service and comfort animals but missed its own deadline a year ago. Those new regulations require anyone flying with emotional support or psychiatric service animals to submit a veterinarian health form and immunization record to Delta at least 48 hours in advance of a flight.

United's stance comes at a time when other airlines are doubling down on rules and restrictions for support animals. While other airlines have not published similar figures, the Department for Transport' reports on disability-related complaints show that between 2012 and 2016 those involving service animals almost quadrupled.

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