Gal Gadot 'Very Moved' By Fan Response To 'Wonder Woman's' Oscar Snub

Blade Runner Star Wars Logan Oscar Nods Plus Wonder Woman Shut Out

Gal Gadot 'Very Moved' By Fan Response To 'Wonder Woman's' Oscar Snub

Gal Gadot offers a characteristically classy and ideal response to Wonder Woman being snubbed by the Oscars.

Despite the film's critical acclaim and financial success, Wonder Woman was conspicuously left absent with regards to Oscar nominations at the 2018 Academy Awards.

However, "Wonder Woman" was not one of the nine movies nominated for Best Picture at this year's Oscars, while Gadot and Jenkins were not nominated in any of the individual categories.

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"I think that you can't have it all", the actress said. Hence, when the list of Oscars nominees was released earlier this week, many fans of the DC superhero, Gadot, and the movie itself were enraged that it failed to get the nod of the Academy.

Warner Bros. did their best putting together a campaign for Wonder Woman, but obviously came up well short in their goals. "Maybe the next one!"

We knew "Wonder Woman 2" was pretty much a guarantee even before it dominated the box office two weeks in a row, but now details about the sequal are starting to drizzle out of the mouths of those involved with the blockbuster franchise.

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Wonder Woman might be a comic book movie, but as the most successful female-led and female-directed superhero film, the DCEU installment's certainly had a huge impact on the film industry.

However, with "Wonder Woman" lassoing in a total of $821,847,012 as its worldwide gross, Gadot and all the others involved in the movie have all the reasons not to feel bad about the Oscar snub.

"As a former American Gladiator, a competitive athlete and a strength coach, I totally identify with Wonder Woman", says Widerstrom.

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