President Trump Plans to End ISS Funding by 2025

SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft To Come Back With Significant NASA Cargo

President Trump Plans to End ISS Funding by 2025

Recently, NASA has been using the ISS to conduct experiments on how human bodies react to long-distance space travel, so that they can determine any effects of a weightless trip to Mars.

The spokesperson added that NASA will not comment until the President's budget is released on February 12. That means, NASA will not get fund for its ISS program after 2025. At that point Congress will carry out a scrutiny and approval review, meaning even if the proposed end to funding is present it could still be removed or at least tweaked.

Numerous space agency's partners have yet to decide if they'd like to continue working on the ISS beyond 2024.

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If the Deep Space Gateway program falls behind schedule, ending operations on the ISS prematurely could lead to a gap in USA access to space. The total input for the program ranges amidst $3billion to $4 billion per year.

The ISS has been used by both government and commercial agencies in the two decades it's been operational, and is jointly managed by Canadian, European, Russian, Japanese and United States space agencies to test out things like the microgravity environment.

As described by The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets, the White House's draft spending proposal for fiscal year 2019 would call for ending direct funding for space station operations by 2025 and transitioning to commercial provision of spaceflight capabilities in low Earth orbit. Now the two-decades old International Space Station program, which provides NASA with its only base in space, is likely up on the chopping block. Microgravity science experiments from researchers around the world also fill the orbiting space station, and worldwide space agencies use the station to study the effects of long-term habitation in space.

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A slew of government and private experiments have been conducted on the station, which now has a crew of two American, three Russian, and one Japanese astronaut.

Congress has discussed what to do with the ISS after its funding dries out, but it has not made a firm decision on a plan, according to the report. Numerous commercial space agencies want the ISS to run its course till 2028 after which the operational lifetime for the space station shall end.

However, commercial companies have suggested they may not be able to accomplish this by 2024. But the commercial agencies have pointed out that it is impossible to develop an alternative to ISS within such a short span of time. It has been gone for verification of Congress by December 2017.

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