China warns of USA protectionism after Huawei setback

China warns of USA protectionism after Huawei setback

China warns of USA protectionism after Huawei setback

The company, which originally set out selling phones through an invite system, has matured enough to start considering the next step in their evolution - inking a deal with United States carriers to sell their phones through them. It would not only have given Huawei a foothold in the U.S. market, where more than 90 per cent of phones are sold through carriers, but also been a new source of revenue for AT&T and offered another option, besides Apple and Samsung, for United States consumers. He then proceeded to explain that if Huawei products weren't readily available, it's a "big loss" for not only the company itself and carriers but also for the consumers "because they don't have the best choice for devices".

What's a poor smartphone maker to do when its latest grand plans for USA distribution fall through? The Mate 10 is as much of a flagship as any of its competitors out there and in places where it lacks, the phone makes up for in others.

AT&T has been pressed to give up the deal after 18 US Senate and US Intelligence Committee members have signed a letter to regulators expressing concerns about Chinese companies' engagement in the US telecommunications sector.

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Of course, the marketing's likely been in the works for a while, and from the sound of reports, the AT&T deal only recently fell through, but it's hard to shake the feelings that we've been through this before.

As for bringing in Gadot, this isn't the first time Huawei has added superhero star power.

Just days earlier, media reported a highly anticipated deal between Huawei and AT&T Inc., one of the top local carriers, had collapsed. "We've proven our quality, we've proven our privacy and security protection". The campaign will even include a boost from actress and model Gal Gadot, star of the summer box office hit "Wonder Woman", who will become the company's "chief experience officer".

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Huawei didn't quite have the CES 2018 coming out party for the US market that it may have wanted. Huawei said it complies with the law. This reflects not only the dynamism of Chinese companies and their growing strength as they have moved up the value chain, but also the increasingly prominent economic competition between the two countries.

He said Huawei's proprietary mobile chips may have presented a bigger regulatory hurdle for its US market entry in the current political climate, compared with other Chinese vendors' entry strategy that relies on USA chip suppliers.

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