Louisiana Dept. of Revenue to start accepting state tax returns January 29

Louisiana state income tax filing begins Monday Jan. 29

Louisiana announces start date for filing 2017 state taxes

Normally, April 15 is the final filing deadline, but it falls on a Sunday this year. "It cannot answer the phone calls it now receives, much less the phone calls it can expect to receive in light of tax reform, without adequate funding".

Olson couldn't be more stark in her recommendation to lawmakers: "The IRS absolutely needs more funding".

That's according to National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson in her annual report to Congress, released Wednesday.

While the IRS said it expects to issue the vast majority of refunds within 21 days of a return being filed, there are some exceptions.

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Last year's IRS budget was $11.2 billion.

In addition to dealing with the new tax law, the IRS must balance other priorities, including the president's May 2017 executive order mandating all federal agencies to meet certain cybersecurity requirements.

The IRS will have to update its systems, publish new forms and publications, revise regulations, train employees on the new tax law and answer taxpayer questions about it.

"Funding cuts have rendered the IRS unable to provide acceptable levels of taxpayer service", Olson wrote.

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"'Shortcuts" have become the norm, and "shortcuts' are incompatible with high-quality tax administration", Ms. Olson wrote.

The IRS excuses hardship cases from collection efforts to ensure that households can still pay for basic living expenses, but the private collectors apparently are not following those rules.

Filing season for the 2017 tax year will begin on January 29, the Internal Revenue Service announced.

But that does not mean the IRS has a year to get up to speed.

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Despite the pointed failure of similar efforts in the past, Congress passed a law in 2015 requiring the IRS to use outside contractors to make a dent in the $138 billion that taxpayers owe the government.

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