Jeopardy! Deducts $3200 from Contestant for Mispronouncing Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise'



Jeopardy host Alex Trebek isn't going to let mispronunciation slide on his show.

And of course, who could forget that most sacred of all English language constructions, gangster vs. gangsta?

Nick Spicher appeared on the trivia show Monday night, where he was asked to provide the question to a clue that included Coolio's song "Gangsta's Paradise" and author John Milton's book "Paradise Lost". Though he was initially awarded $1600, judges reviewed his answer and later realized that he mispronounced "gangsta", since he added the -er at the end.

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"Our judges have re-evaluated one of your responses a few minutes ago, Nick", Trebek began before proceeding to brutally burn the contestant. Nick responded with, "Gangster's Paradise Lost".

"Gangster's Paradise Lost" was *almost* correct, except he said -ster instead of -sta.

According to the official Jeopardy! website, Spicher response was incorrect because "gangster" and "gangsta" are listed separately in the dictionary.

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A pronunciation error cost Jeopardy! contestant Nick $3,200 and kicked him back to second place, and Twitter seems to see it as justice.

So, because Spicher's response changed not only the title, but also its meaning, it was rendered unacceptable.

The Daily Show's Roy Wood Jr. posted the clip to Twitter, with some wise words to kick off the New Year. "In 2018, you gotta keep it gangsta at all times".

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