Twins All-Star Miguel Sano accused of sexual assault by a photographer

Miguel Sano denies the allegations.									Posted Dec. 29 2017 9:55 AM					Updated Dec. 29 2017 9:55 AM								
								Posted By Mike Bunge

Miguel Sano denies the allegations. Posted Dec. 29 2017 9:55 AM Updated Dec. 29 2017 9:55 AM Posted By Mike Bunge

Betsy Bissen, a freelance photographer who has shot St. Paul Saints and Twins games, also accused a former Twins first-base coach of unwanted advances, and said Sano, "didn't rape me, but he sure did assault me".

Betsy Bissen, a sports photographer who snaps pictures for Twins Daily, tweeted a lengthy post detailing the alleged episode between her and the 24-year-old baseball star.

Bissen gave several reasons as to why she had made a decision to stay quiet until now, and they're similar to reasons we've been hearing from women all over the world as more #MeToo stories have been shared.

The events Bissen outlined happened three years ago, which she confirmed in subsequent tweets.

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The photographer said she was working at an autograph signing in 2015 when the Dominican Republic native attempted to flirt with her; she said she did not reciprocate. She says the incident with Sano took place at a mall following an autograph session in 2015. She said she did so because she "didn't want to cause a scene".

Later, the group went outside because Sano was leaving, but Bissen said Sano asked where the bathroom was.

Bissen then followed with her description of the encounter with an 'athlete, ' who she revealed to be Sano in her final paragraph. She said he repeatedly tried to kiss her and pull her into a public restroom while she resisted. 'It hurt, how badly he was grabbing at my wrist, but he wouldn't let go. As Sano, his agent and the man who ran the store she worked at walked away, she said, the baseball player "grabbed my wrist and made me go with them". There, through a doorway near the restrooms, he tried to kiss her multiple times and continued to hold her, forcibly and painfully, by her wrist, in an effort to get her into the bathroom with him.

The Twins organization says it's aware of the allegations and it, as well as Major League Baseball, takes them very seriously, and has no further comment at this time. I was in a squatted position with my wrist throbbing, I screamed, no one came to help me. He finally gave up after a solid ten mins (sic) of me fighting to pull me thru (sic) that door'.

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Bissen concluded her essay by identifying the athlete as Sano.

"I don't even want to think about what he may have done, had he got me through that door".

The Twins said they did not know of the alleged incident before Bissen's tweet on Thursday.

"I'm so sorry about this". Let me assure you, I don't. Meanwhile, Bissen should be commended for coming forward and sharing her story publicly. I want nothing more than to feel free of this burden I've carried with me since 2015.

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