Snapchat now has a 2017 in review memories feature

Snapchat now has a 2017 in review memories feature

Snapchat now has a 2017 in review memories feature

The move is created to boost Snapchat's profile beyond the mobile app as Facebook and Instagram provide fierce competition to the social media app. In addition to offering numerous social games and methods of keeping in touch with your friends, family and acquaintances, Facebook offers one key feature many users love: memories, or the "On This Day" feature. The success of this feature has been undeniable and it seems that other social media platforms have finally made a decision to emulate it.

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This is good news for the consumer electronics industry as wireless charging can be a real standard quickly. This is the first certification for such device from Energous which means it can be used by other groups.

They're reportedly developing a new feature which will let users share stories outside the Snapchat app according to live streaming news network Chedder. The feature is a first for Snapchat, after previous year introducing a way for users to save snaps into a memories section where posts can live past the 24-hour limit.

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L'indicateur redescend ainsi à un niveau proche de celui d'octobre 2014. Pour les catégories A, B, C, ce nombre s'établit à 5 919 200.

Snapchat clearly knows it has an Instagram Stories problem and is open to new ways to get users interested. Ultimately, this means that some pictures won't make it into your story if the app's algorithm doesn't care for them. If you're the type that would rather ruminate than remain committed to Snapchat's previously purely ephemeral philosophy, you can find your 2017 year in review in the memories tab.

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Right at the top of the "All" tab on the Memories screen, you should see a big ol' rectangle showing a night sky with some fireworks and the words "A Look Back At 2017" emblazoned across it.

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