Cage Brings The Rage To The MOM AND DAD Trailer

39;Mom And Dad'

Mom And Dad

The trailer also contains a peek at Mom and Dad's standout set piece, where Cage destroys a full-size pool table with a sledgehammer. The plot involves a mysterious mass hysteria that overtakes a town, causing people - notably Blair and Cage's "Mom and Dad", Brent (Cage) and Kendall (Blair) - to be overwhelmed by violent urges to attack their own children. It's just that most of us have the impulse control not to actually do it. Watch the Mom and Dad trailer below. Hey, who among us wouldn't go a little overboard with that kind of cash?

As written and directed by Brian Taylor, Mom and Dad is a pure dose of midnight movie insanity. "I'm a midnight movie fan at heart". The makers of Mom and Dad are clearly counting on that Cage factor, since this trailer is loaded with pullquotes that play up the actor's involvement.

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Selma Blair and Nicolas Cage are certainly no strangers to acting gigs in often-bizarre horror concept films throughout the course of their respective careers.

Mom and Dad should be an interesting turn for Selma Blair. Amusingly, the film shares the same name as the infamous (but massively successful) 1945 film Mom and Dad, considered a classic example of the "sex hygiene" subgenre of exploitation pictures. Here, it's the adults who are gunning for the kids.

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Fortunately, Cage is poised to make a comeback in horror comedy Mom and Dad, which premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and has earned the actor his best reviews in years.

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