Blink 182's Tom DeLonge examines UFO report from San Diego Navy pilot

An artist rendering of a UFO

Blink 182's Tom DeLonge examines UFO report from San Diego Navy pilot

The shadowy programme's existence was intentionally buried in the defence department's $600 billion annual budget, as were its headquarters, deep within the labyrinthine Pentagon building.

In Hammergren's view, the $22 million spent on the program was a waste of taxpayer money and any research or investigations into UFOs should be left to private organizations like the National UFO Reporting Center or Mutual UFO Network.

He said the programme sought to identify what had been seen, either through tools or witness reports, and then "ascertain and determine if that information is a potential threat to national security". "They couldn't withstand the G-forces. something sitting there, whom, down it goes", says former U.S. Senator Harry Reid.

A defnse official told CNN the program cost at least $22 million over five years, before it was shut down in 2012.

Blink 182's Tom DeLonge examines UFO report from San Diego Navy pilot

A former congressional staffer told Politico that initially the US was afraid that one of our enemies may have developed an aircraft that was able to defy the laws of physics.

Mr Reid said countries including China, Russia and Japan were already taking UFOs seriously, and that it was important the United States did the same.

The story draws on statements from Luis Elizondo, the military intelligence official who headed the program and resigned from the Department of Defense in October, reportedly in protest due to the UFO effort receiving little attention or funding. Truth be told, sometimes we do.

"If a UFO seems to defy the laws of physics by accelerating or stopping faster than anybody could survive if they were inside the object, or making 90-degree turns on a dime while travelling hundreds of thousands of miles per hour", O'Donnell said. "If a Russian "Bear" bomber comes in near California, it is all over the news", he said.

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At its peak, the study had 46 scientists working at the Nevada facility, writing reports and analyzing data that came in from the military. David Fravor. He spent spent 18 years as a Navy pilot and recalled an encounter with an object during a November 20o4 training mission off the CA coast that left him baffled.

"If this movement took place in anything we now have available to us, it would kill everybody", Mr Reid told Las Vegas news channel KLAS Channel 8, in reference to reported encounters with UFOs. I'm not insane, haven't been drinking.

"I have no idea what I saw".

The pilots could see nothing at first and then Commander Fravor looked down to the sea. It was later picked up on radar again far from their location in a very brief amount of time.

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There's a lot of rigor and diligence that's placed in looking at these and there is some real talent in the department and in other agencies within the USA government that have just an incredible battery of tools to apply toward these things to make sure we know what we're looking at.

"I don't know if it was alien life, but I will say that in an infinite universe, with multiple galaxies that we know of, that if we're the only planet with life, it's a pretty lonely universe", Fravor revealed.

As a believer in UFO's, Fravor knows there are skeptics.

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