Sarah Sanders: Russia Probe a 'Hoax,' But 'No Intention' to Fire Mueller

Hopefully Mueller's investigation will continue unimpeded so the American people will find out the truth of Trump's relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin - a relationship that may benefit him but could seriously damage our country.

Q: What materials did Mueller obtain from the General Services Administration? "They have nothing to talk about other than attacking this President". "I'm not a Republican, I'm a Democrat", Dershowitz said, explaining that his criticisms of Mueller were not those of a partisan Republican.

"I think the suggestion that there's a privilege claim here is a stretch", he said. He should have been more careful about who he hired.

His remarks come after Mueller brought a series of charges against former Trump campaign aides.

And now, Dershowitz is strongly criticizing Mueller for violating the Constitution.

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The complaint by the transition team is the latest attempt to undermine Mueller's investigation in the public sphere. Trump cannot directly fire Mueller, but critics say he could demand that top Justice Department officials fire Mueller and then remove them if they don't follow through.

Langhofer wrote in the letter that the Special Counsel's Office "was actively using those materials without any notice" to transition officials. It is a good example of what is sometimes called "a fishing expedition". An attorney loosely associated with Trump sent a letter to Congress complaining about it, but nothing has been done legally. However, it was later revealed this might not have been necessary because "the special counsel's office had simultaneously received from the GSA tens of thousands of emails, including a very significant volume of privileged material".

"When we have obtained emails in the course of our ongoing criminal investigation, we have secured either the account owner's consent or appropriate criminal process", the spokesman, Peter Carr, said early Sunday.

But Trump for America officials think differently, arguing that Mueller has violated the Fourth Amendment's protections against unreasonable search and seizure. Particularly upsetting to the Trump camp is that it appears some of the material has been leaked to the press, and that some of the e-mails included confidential attorney-client communications.

Q: Why does GSA have these records in the first place?

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The GSA only provides space for transition records, while the National Archives controls access, and has expressly maintained that materials that [transition team] members create or receive are not presidential records, but private materials, and thus, the GSA has agreed to delete "all data on [computing] devices" used by transition staff.

White House special counsel Ty Cobb told CNN in response to the speech that there is "no consideration" of firing Mueller.

He cited a recent Fox News interview with senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, who said the "fix was in" against Trump as the right-leaning television network posted an on-screen graphic saying "Coup in America?" "He'll probably want to lean over backwards now to make any close calls in favor of Trump".

Trump has repeatedly denied he plans to fire Mueller, although he has asserted he has the power to do so.

Dershowitz predicted that Mueller's failure to get warrants for the e-mails could give the defense an opportunity to challenge it in court.

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Earlier this year, the US intelligence community released a report that stated Russian Federation had meddled in the election, showing a preference for Trump over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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