Toxic Shock Syndrome took her leg. Now she'll lose the other

Tommaso Boddi via Getty Images
Wasser had her left leg amputated after nearly dying

Tommaso Boddi via Getty Images Wasser had her left leg amputated after nearly dying

Although she recovered from the heart attack and organ failure, the disease left her with gangrene, a serious bacterial infection, on her right leg.

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a severe complication most often resulting from Staphylococcus aureus, or staph, infections. After losing her right leg to toxic shock syndrome in 2012, she has revealed she will unfortunately lose her other leg. Lauren will have to get her left leg amputated due to a lingering toxic shock infection. After the doctors found and removed her tampon, she started responding better to treatment, but she was put into a medically-induced coma and given antibiotics to try to get rid of the bacteria. "I have a golden leg that I am completely proud of, but my left foot has an open ulcer, no heel and no toes".

She was found in her apartment 10 minutes from death, face down, unconscious on her bedroom floor covered in feces and vomit, after her mother called police for a wellness check when she had not heard from her for a while.

After a stint on life support, gangrene began taking over Lauren's legs.

"In a few months, I'm inevitably going to have my other leg amputated", Wasser wrote in an essay for InStyle.

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This constant struggle between Wasser's body and brain means the model has had to undergo further surgeries to shave the bone down.

She has also been promoting legislation aiming to push the National Institutes of Health in the USA to help determine whether certain elements of feminine hygiene products are safe.

"Immediately I woke up from the amputation and I felt every single thing that happened for 24 hours", she said. Unfortunately, this isn't the first case of toxic shock syndrome.

She has given a TED Talk and posted numerous photos on Instagram, showing her modelling while wearing a prosthetic leg.

It is commonly misdiagnosed because the symptoms resemble other more common illnesses.

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It occurs when bacteria, which live on the skin, invade the bloodstream and produce risky toxins.

Signs of TSS include a sudden high fever, low blood pressure, gastrointestinal distress, a rash on your palms and soles, confusion, muscle aches, facial redness, seizures and headaches, according to the Mayo Clinic.

"TSS has been killing and harming women for more than 30 years: let that sink in".

Tampon boxes come with a warning of the deadly infection after leaving it in for more than eight hours, though Wasser said she changed them regularly. It usually affects women who use superabsorbent tampons during menstruation. A whopping 100,000 women are affected each year, and a woman named Robin Danielson died from TSS in 1988.

However, TSS has not impeded Wasser's modeling career.

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