Here comes Pokemon Go's ARKit mode. Is your battery ready?

Here comes Pokemon Go's ARKit mode. Is your battery ready?

Here comes Pokemon Go's ARKit mode. Is your battery ready?

John Hanke, CEO of "Pokemon Go" creator Niantic, says iPhones now offer the best way to play the game. If you moved, the rendered Pokemon would sort of glide along with you, breaking the illusion.

Add Niantic's claim that Apple's ARKit mode sucks down less battery than Pokemon Go's original AR mode, and perhaps it's more than a passing novelty now. Once you switch on AR+ mode, you'll see Tall Grass (like in the main Pokemon games) that you'll have to tap in order to make a Pokemon appear on-screen.

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Instead of simply floating at a fixed range in front of players, Pokemon in AR+ will be locked to a point in the environment, as if they were actually there. Either way, developer Niantic is about to give you another reason to pick up the mobile game. You'll have an easier time catching the Pokemon, too, since the capture circles will be larger the closer you get. As far as new gameplay mechanics go, Pokemon in AR+ have an awareness system in place, meaning players can now sneak up on them, or risk scaring them away by approaching too quickly.

While the advanced augmented reality functionality itself is an exciting addition, even more exciting is how it will affect the way that players interact with Pokemon Go. To reward Trainers who show sufficient tracking skills, there's a new Expert Handler bonus which will unlock a greater amount of XP and Stardust.

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The feature is iPhone only for now, but hopefully it'll come to Android soon. AR+ Mode is powered by Apple's ARKit framework and will be compatible with iOS 11 on iPhone 6S and newer, 5th generation iPad, and any iPad Pro.

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