Apple might be slowing down old iPhones

According to John Poole, with new versions of iOS such as iOS 11, Apple tends to throttle the performance of older iPhones to preserve battery life.

To our knowledge, the iPhone 7 never exhibited the same glitchy behavior as the 6s, so Apple can't justify the abrupt drop in theoretical (and practical) CPU speed as a necessary preservation method.

It will slow down your device to prevent it from shutting down, but only in cases of cold temperature, a low battery charge or for older batteries. However, Geekbench found that Apple appears to have added a similar change to iOS 11.2.0 for the iPhone 7.

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iPhone users have long complained about their devices seeming to slow down when new models are released.

This is an important note to make.

After poor performance in older iPhones prompted an investigation by a number of Reddit users and additional testing by benchmark app maker Primate Labs, Apple has finally weighed in on the controversy surrounding its aging handsets.

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The firm goes on to highlight that users expect to be notified of such a fix if it is going to affect their performance, as it creates a certain way of thinking. Apple's statement today confirms that yes, it is intentionally slowing down iPhones but only when it attempts to draw more power than the battery can provide.

As AppleInsider points out, lithium batteries deplete over time. As batteries age they have increased internal series resistance that limits the amount of power you can pull out of them. The data seems to suggest that in order to prevent those random shutdowns for the iPhone 6 and 6s, Apple could be throttling the processors inside them. Given the recall and subsequent software update, it's fairly clear that this was an unexpected problem. That would then at least give customers the opportunity to have their battery replaced to resolve the issue. Additionally, the shortsightedness of implementing this change in secret will likely contribute to the narrative that Apple slows down its devices purposely to drive upgrades. If this must be done, it should be a setting. For the first time, there was proof. Also, insider Angela J. Ahrendts sold 63,388 shares of the company's stock in a transaction that occurred on Thursday, October 5th. "They really do knock themselves out trying to build and maintain products with lasting value".

The firm discovered that the iPhone 6's score for iOS 10.2.0 appears "unimodal" - that it doesn't change in performance - but when it studied the iPhone 6 running iOS 10.2.1, the phone's performance peaked at the average score and several other peaks around some of the lower scores. That being said, if we hear anything more surrounding this subject, we'll let you know.

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