Scientists think Japanese monkeys are practicing sex with deer

Scientists think Japanese monkeys are practicing sex with deer

Scientists think Japanese monkeys are practicing sex with deer

Monkeys mating with Deers at the Meiji Memorial Forest located outside the city of Minoo in central Japan have left scientists in split.

It turns out that the video was legitimate, and that female monkeys are actually acting in a sexual manner towards sika deer.

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They have several theories about why juvenile female macaques are pursuing deer.

The researchers observed 13 monkey-deer sexual interactions (and eight failed attempts) during the few months, in which the female monkeys would mount the deer and rub up against them.

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The study noted that the encounters were "sexual in nature", with authors writing that "this is the first quantitative report of heterospecific sexual behavior between a non-human primate and a non-primate species under free-ranging conditions". It could be a way for the young monkeys to practice sex.

The freaky video that made its rounds on the web now has documented research behind it, but why this weird situation is occurring is currently anyone's guess. Or it could provide them with an outlet for sexual frustration in the absence of mature adult male partners, who routinely reject immature female Japanese macaques. As mentioned above, primates (outside of humans) have never before been seen engaging in sexual behavior with a non-primate species.

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Anyway, science knows that monkeys bone deer now, and can't quite understand why.

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