United States ruling could affect internet access in Australia

United States ruling could affect internet access in Australia

United States ruling could affect internet access in Australia

US regulators voted on Thursday to roll back the so-called "net neutrality" rules, which required Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally, a move opponents say would curb online freedom. The net neutrality rules mitigated that in the public interest by treating the internet largely as a public utility.

Closer to home in Northeast Mississippi, Democratic utility regulator Presley takes a negative view of the FCC action. Prior to the vote, 17 states joined NY in calling on the FCC to delay the decision based on allegations of fake identities being used during the public consultation process; as TechCrunch suggests, it is likely these states will join the lawsuit. This was challenged on the basis that such regulations would hurt further investments in infrastructure for broadband, etc. The majority of American consumers only have one choice of broadband provider offering acceptable speeds.

"With that gone, you will now see cable companies and internet service providers colluding to create market opportunities". Internet providers have vowed not to change how consumers get online content. He added: "Going forward, the internet is going to speed up". It´s in our power to do that", Schumer said in NY.

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"By ending the outright ban on paid prioritization, we hope to make it easier for consumers to benefit from services that need prioritization - such as latency-sensitive telemedicine", Pai said in a recent speech.

In November, hundreds of companies, including tech companies Airbnb, Foursquare and Etsy, signed a letter to Pai urging the FCC to retain the net neutrality regulations.

It means telcos can now choose to give faster access to certain websites or services, or prevent users from accessing sites altogether. However, several studies have shown that since the 2015 rules came into effect, many internet providers have actually increased their investments and not the other way around.

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But supporters of net neutrality say consumers could be charged extra to stream certain content if they don't want to be hampered by network congestion.

Under the pretext of "helping consumers and promoting competition", the US' Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted on Thursday to repeal guidelines on net neutrality that had been put in place to ensure that internet providers in the United States of America could not block access to certain websites or give preferential treatment to others.

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