Zimbabwe ex-leader Mugabe visits Singapore hospital

President Emmerson Mnangagwa received a statue of a crocodile- his nickname- after planting a tree at the party conference

President Emmerson Mnangagwa received a statue of a crocodile- his nickname- after planting a tree at the party conference

Zanu PF President and First Secretary, Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed the new Politburo but has delayed announcing the party's two vice presidents, saying he will do so in a few days. Mnangagwa who used to be a close Mugabe ally said he wanted to unite the party and the country.

"My presidency is about one united ZANU-PF - a national party with a national outlook", he added.

Mugabe, who finally resigned after the military had put him under house arrest and lawmakers began impeachment proceedings, was reportedly in Singapore for medical treatment and did not attend ZANU-PF's conference.

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Mugabe himself was out of the country.

Mnangagwa is under pressure to reverse the economic decline before elections next year and has vowed to focus on rejuvenating the struggling economy and creating jobs.

Mugabe visited a private hospital in central Singapore on Wednesday with an entourage that included his security guards, the sources who were familiar with the visit told Reuters.

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Mugabe's time was up the moment he surrendered power to his wife, some ruling party delegates said. War Vets leader Christopher Mutsvangwa has been appointed Zanu PF Secretary for Science And Technology replacing his erstwhile enemy Professor Jonathan Moyo.

Now the 75-year-old Mnangagwa must find a way out of his longtime mentor's shadow, revive the severely weakened economy and win over the country ahead of elections.

The opposition, shut out of Mnangagwa's Cabinet in favor of military and ruling party members, has joined the United States and others in the global community in urging Zimbabwe's new government to make sure the elections are democratic. He has called for longtime sanctions to be lifted to ease foreign investment.

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