Pandora's ad-supported listeners can now play the exact song they want

You can get Pandora Premium on-demand music free Here’s how

Pandora Turns Its 'Value Exchange' Upside Down As It Faces Pressure From Rivals

However, they did not specify how long that Premium freebie will last, but you can go and watch more ads if you want to prolong the experience (which is kind of weird because you're trying to avoid the ads in the first place).

Pandora users in the free tier will now be able to access Pandora Premium by watching ads. And if you were someone who didn't subscribe to a premium service like Spotify or Apple Music, you probably ran right into the arms of YouTube to hear that new song - where the economics for music labels have historically been pretty terrible.

Pandora could be considered one of the earliest music streaming services since the internet and radio and has most definitely been a huge influence on the music industry.

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You'll have the option to view a video ad for 15 seconds in order to unlock a Pandora Premium listening session and enjoy music from your favorite artists.

Pandora's impressive user base aside, the streaming site's financial woes remain an ongoing concern as the company has been losing money for quite some time now. 2000 was, also, the year that gave birth to Pandora Media Incorporated.

Music streaming service Pandora is enabling free users to access its premium, on-demand service for a limited time in return for watching a 15-second video ad. Pandora's ad-supported free model allows users to pick music channels based on genre or a single artist, but doesn't enable them to select individual tracks, build playlists or access other premium features. The ability to play a specific song was the "top request" among listeners of Pandora's radio product, according to CEO Roger Lynch.

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As 85 percent of Pandora listening time happens on mobile, this feature will only be available on iOS and Android for starters.

For artists, it creates new avenues of promotion by providing fans with direct links to play their music. "[Labels] want to reach our huge audience, and being able to do that with our ad-supported listeners is a big deal", Phillips said.

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