Microsoft Rolls Out New Artificial Intelligence Features To Office 365

Credit Microsoft

Credit Microsoft

A new search feature called "Bing for Business", which puts items from your company's intranet, such as org charts and information from employee manuals, at the top of results. Numerous newly announced features will be really helpful to millions of users as they are focused on everyday tasks.

The search engine is also used for comparison, so Bing is also updating that. Check out the image above to know how this experience will look like to end users.

Additional context with answers, such as not just informing you that Costa Rica is 19,730 square miles big but also noting that this makes it twice the size of MA. Bing now uses deep neural networks to validate answers by aggregating across multiple reputable sources, rather than just one, so you can feel more confident about the answer you're getting.

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Such answers are backed by Project Brainwave, launched in March 2017.

One of the Intelligent Search features announced today are Intelligent Answers. For example, if you ask "Is coffee good or bad", there will be tons of content on the web explaining why it is bad and why it is good. If there are different authoritative perspectives on a topic, such as benefits vs drawbacks, Bing will aggregate the two viewpoints from reputable sources and intelligently surface them to you on the top of the page to save you time.

In case there are multiple ways to answer your question, Bing will present you with a carousel of intelligent answers like the below. The feature is being called "Time to leave" and is rolling out to iOS Outlook users in the Outlook Insider program in all markets where Cortana is available.

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Reddit is also partnering with Microsoft to link its Power BI tool with Reddit's data and API to help marketers analyze their activity on the platform. When searching for a general topic that already has the answers by the online community, Bing will offer a sneak peek. When users type in "Reddit" and the name of a Reddit community, Bing will show the relevant subreddit threads. It will also provide info about subreddits, AMAs, and celebrities. On Bing you can discover AMA schedules and see snapshots of AMAs that have already been completed. Search any image or within images to shop for fashion or home furniture. We also previewed a new feature that helps you better explore the world around you.

Bing is rolling out several new search capabilities as a result of the deal. More to come on this feature in the future.

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