Introducing Snooze to Give You More Control Of Your News Feed

Introducing Snooze to Give You More Control Of Your News Feed

Introducing Snooze to Give You More Control Of Your News Feed

Now, it's a simple one-tap decision - do you want to mute your pal Peter for 30 days... or not?

Facebook's new snooze button temporarily mutes people, pages or groups for 30 days, ensuring that none of their posts will show up in your newsfeed during that time. This feature is launching today on Facebook (I'm already seeing the Snooze option myself), so go find some annoying posts to silence.

Far Cry 5 'The Resistance' trailer, gameplay videos
On the topic of actions affecting other people for better or for worse, people will react to the player's activities. In Far Cry 5 , players will recruit residents of Hope County to fight against Eden's Gate.

Or, photos keep popping up from a Facebook friend's trip that are tempting you to book your next vacay early, or holiday baby photos on top of photos from someone you don't know that well just keep rolling in. "It turns out, you're not alone", wrote Facebook product manager Shruthi Muraleedharan in an announcement blog post.

In case you change your mind about seeing their posts again, Facebook will notify you when the Snooze period is coming to an end. Its 2 billion users worldwide can also hide posts from certain people or prioritize posts from people so that they see them first in their feeds.

Selfie with Miss Israel Forces Miss Iraq's Family to Flee Country
In November, Gandelsman and Idan took selfies together and shared them to their respective profiles, with thousands of followers. And while much of the world was touched, one of those women is now facing repercussions some warned her of.

In their blog post, Facebook cites research that suggests "offline and online contact, including seeing an ex-partner's activities, can make emotional recovery more hard". In general, the company has learned people feel better about their social media use when they're interacting with people instead of passively scrolling through their news feeds and looking at content. This will give people more control over their feed and hopefully make their experience more positive.

Jose Mourinho refuses to discuss Antoine Griezmann
Atletico were given a one-year transfer ban, preventing them from being able to recover from a loss as big as Griezmann's. Diego Simeone has confirmed that Antoine Griezmann will be allowed to leave Atletico Madrid .

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