Here comes the flood: Site C approved. Again

Rendering of Site C project

Here comes the flood: Site C approved. Again

Premier John Horgan addressed the question when speaking to reporters Monday December 11, saying that Weaver has said both privately and publicly that moving Site C forward will not trigger a crisis for his government.

"It is fiscally reckless to continue with Site C and my colleagues and I did everything we could to make this clear to the government", Weaver says in a statement.

"I can't think in the 30 years I've been involved with public policy of a choice that was more hard then this one, but it is absolutely in the interest of British Columbians to take advantage of an opportunity to go forward and make better a bad situation". The new project cost is now estimated at $10.7-billion, factoring in an increased risk contingency fund.

In response to the provincial government's decision to push ahead with dam, the West Moberly First Nations and Prophet River First Nations have announced their intention to obtain a court injunction to stop the project from being constructed and to start a civil action for Treaty infringement.

The environmental group Sierra Club of B.C. said it will back First Nations in their challenge, calling Horgan's decision a betrayal of his government's promise to enact the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

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Other considerations by cabinet included First Nations impacts, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the impact on agricultural land and food security. As public debt, it would become the responsibility of BC Hydro customers or taxpayers.

Construction started in July 2015, but one of the Horgan government's first moves was to send the project to a review by the utilities commission.

The province also risked a credit downgrade and debt-servicing costs of up to $150 million annually if the project was cancelled.

The government decision to proceed marks the latest chapter in the long-running saga of the largest construction project in B.C.'s history.

Some declared long-time NDP supporters posted messages on social media pledging to withhold donations as well as their vote unless Site C was cancelled. Still, he added: "No doubt it would be a topic of concern for them".

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Ontario's energy portfolio is mixed, with nuclear providing half the province's energy needs.

But Ontario is wrestling with rising electricity costs, and its new energy plan, unveiled in October, will further diversify the province's energy mix but will only secure new power when it's needed.

It helps to summarize how British Columbia came to this point to understand what's next - and whether, in fact, the dam is a done deal. Nearly 99 per cent of Quebec's electricity comes from hydroelectricity.

On September 13, 2017, the 10th anniversary of the declaration, Horgan said "Our government understands the enormous responsibility we have to Indigenous peoples, in the face of historical wrongs that have never been made right and in the wake of inaction by government after government".

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