High Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban

US Supreme Court Allows Trump's Travel Ban To Take Effect

High Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban

The Supreme Court's orders effectively overturned a compromise in place since June, when the court said travelers with connections to the United States could continue to travel here notwithstanding restrictions in an earlier version of the ban.

This is the third version of the travel ban, and it's in the middle of a fight through the legal system. The U.S. Supreme Court has finally allowed the Trump administration to fully enforce Trump's travel ban on people from eight nations from coming to the US.

The ban was challenged in separate lawsuits by the state of Hawaii and the American Civil Liberties Union. The appeals courts are also considering claims that the ban reflected unconstitutional bias against Muslims. Trump made it clear that he was doing this to target Muslims, and was using recent terrorist attacks in Europe as a justification. We continue to stand for freedom, equality, and for those who are unfairly being separated from their loved ones. They agreed the ban could go into effect in part, but not against those who had close personal or professional ties to a person or an entity in the United States.

The court did not issue an opinion with the order, but usually the justices do not intervene in pending cases unless they believe the lower courts have gone wrong.

The Supreme Court said the ban will remain in effect regardless of what the appeals courts rule, at least until the justices ultimately decide whether to take up the issue on the merits, which they are highly likely to do.

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Trump's lawyers were not satisfied with that partial win in the appeals courts. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Sonia Sotomayor said they would have denied the government's request.

The Trump administration has argued that "extensive worldwide review process" preceded the travel ban and the third order is different from the previous versions.

There are some exceptions to the ban.

Trump issued his first travel ban targeting several Muslim-majority countries in January, then issued a revised one in March after the first was blocked by federal courts.

The second run out in September following a long courtroom battle and it was substituted for the current version.

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"Now that the review has been completed and identified ongoing deficiencies in the information needed to assess nationals of particular countries", he wrote, "additional restrictions are needed".

New York Immigration Coalition Executive Director Steven Choi said it was entirely unacceptable and un-American to discriminate against people based on race or religion. The Council on American-Islamic Relations also criticized the decision but remained hopeful that the decision would be challenged in the future.

Nashville native Sabina Mohyuddin told News 4 her family emigrated from Bangladesh. "They were able to sponsor family members and bring in some of my aunts and uncles to America".

"To be honest, it's emotional for me, because the belief that I've always had in this country is really being tested", she said, her voice shaking.

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