Pence Was Almost President Instead of Trump?

Mike Pence Says Donald Trump Is 'Believer,' Grateful for Prayers and Support of Evangelical Christians

Mike Pence's Wife Reportedly Finds Trump 'Reprehensible,' 'Totally Vile'

It is a grand irony that Donald Trump might, unintentionally, slingshot Mike Pence to the presidency.

According to Coppins, following the release of the tape which had Trump on record bragging about sexually assaulting women, Pence "was contemplating a coup". While the U.S. public appeared not to hold the revelation against him, Mike Pence's wife is not so forgiving; according to a new report, she thinks Trump is "totally vile". Karen in particular was "disgusted", says a former campaign aide.

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According to the same report, published in the Atlantic on Tuesday, Trump in turn has passed judgment about the values of his vice-president.

It's not clear whether Trump was ever aware of the discussion or if an offer was actually made, but GOP donors and party leaders schemed to put Pence at the top of the ticket just weeks before the election and draft Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. In the short time they'd known each other, Trump had made an effort to convince Pence that-beneath all the made-for-TV bluster and bravado-he was a good-hearted man with faith in God.

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In response, Mike Pence's Press Secretary Alyssa Farah called the Atlantic's story a "tired, false claim".

The 2005 video showed Trump boasting about his ability to "grab women by the pussy" with no repercussions because of his celebrity status.

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"He was embarrassed by it, he thought it was so low class", the adviser told the Atlantic.

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