New Poll: Majority of Alabama Republicans Think Roy Moore Allegations Are False

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New Poll: Majority of Alabama Republicans Think Roy Moore Allegations Are False

The CBS News poll surveyed 1,067 registered voters in Alabama from November 28 to December 1.

A new poll shows Alabamians who are likely to vote for Senate candidate Roy Moore don't believe the accusations of sexual misconduct against him.

The accusations against Moore are much more serious than those against Trump, and, because of his long history as a divisive figure in Alabama, he was already facing a possibly-competitive race before the allegations came out. Moore vehemently denies the allegations. He has not, however, vigorously disputed that he had a history of dating teenagers in the late '70s and early '80s, while he was in his 30s and unmarried.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you are prepared to take action if he is, indeed, elected? The pair did not begin dating until she was 23.

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Trump in the past blasted Moore's Democratic opponent, saying Doug Jones would be a disaster.

Less than half of Mr. Moore's supporters, 48 percent, say they're voting for him because he's the "best person for the job". Change Research, in an online survey conducted Sunday and Monday, found that Moore led Jones 47 percent to 42 percent.

Jones has the backing of 33 percent of white voters in the state, compared with 63 percent for Moore.

The CBS and YouGov poll found that 71 percent of the 1,067 people polled did not find Moore's accusers to be credible.

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Thirty-five percent of respondents to the Post's poll said they think Moore did make unwanted advances toward teenage girls, while 37 percent said they were unsure or had no opinion. However, an Alabama resident, Beverly Young Nelson, alleged that Moore groped her and tried to force her to perform oral sex when she was just 16.

Fifty-three percent of Republican voters say they are concerned by the allegations, but say other aspects of the race are more important to them.

Abortion is among the top issues pulling voters toward Moore. And the top reason 52 percent Alabama Republicans gave for sticking with Moore is because they believe he'll cast conservative votes.

Only 5 percent of Republicans said the allegations are "definitely true", while 12 percent said they're "probably true".

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